Anyone working with Aurelia 2?

I’m looking to start a project and thinking to start with AU2. Is anyone else doing projects with AU2 today? Haven’t seen any activity in this category for a couple months.

<stay safe out there!>


Cant say for others, I’ve been doing only a few, and preparing integration for Au2 (pixi/NativeScript). Maybe a bit more time before we can see wider range of responses

Not full-blown production apps, but useful - @jwx has a couple delightful youtube videos doing some live coding in AU2.

If there is a dearth of projects trying out AU2 it would be great to see more screencasts like these from any other developers on Aurelia. I presume @EisenbergEffect might do some sort of presentation (nudge) along these lines when Alpha and/or Beta release?


I’m planning to do a brief update on Aurelia 2 on discourse either next week or the week after. It’s been a little while since we had an update, so we want to bring everybody up to speed.

I apologize for the delay. The last few months have not exactly been normal for anyone. On that note, I do hope everyone and their loved ones are staying well.


A small project, but boy was it fun :smiley: is now ported to au2!

Some added architectural info:


When we will see a beta or something on that level release of Aurelia 2? We are aware of the great efforts put by team inspite of the challenges they are facing on so many levels, and whatever tidbits we are getting for Aurelia2 its shows its amazing framework. Can’t wait now.