AUCS Project adds one more topic

At this point we can announce this via our portal : click on Guides button on the left navbar ans then on Tips and Tricks link on Guides section navbar)

This section, which uses the same format as Guides, but expects a lot shorter documents which will be placed in categories for easier searching. A typical document that fits quite well in this topic is the article recently proposed by @huochunpeng.

Hi @Alexander-Taran

Thanks for the security warning and let me explain why is the lack of support for https protocol irrelevant in this specific situation.

The site is a collection for of a few iframes, where each iframe uses the https protocol to fetch its content. At the moment, there are two applications that are accessed this way:

In other words the application running at Github as is simply a convenience for Aurelia community, keeping the references to all actual secure applications In one place.

Let me also comment on the recently created feature Securing your GitHub Pages site with HTTPS. AUCS portal cannot use this feature, as its URL would have to be of the form; using this, we would sacrifice the nice custom domain ( for a not needed security.

There is even third reason for not being able to use the url: - contact me directly if you care to know that, please.

Won’t it also impact SEO? Not sure if that is a concern but would be good to find a way to use https as it’s become the standard on the web.

Using something like cloud front and one way to do it or a another one.

It’s not fully secure but sounds like it would solve some problems with browser warnings

Cloudflare free tier provides 1 website with ssl and ddos protection.

Thanks that was what I meant always mix up cloud front and cloud flare :slight_smile:

I find it curious to get four responses to my explanation of the structure of the AUCS portal, a lot more than to my four posts telling that the AUCS project is ready to go :slight_smile:

Let me comment the portal security related discussion

  • The current AUCS portal is of little value, because we will soon switch to use the same method of creating AUCS portal that is currently used to generate Aurelia portal. Until that transition takes place, the lack of SEO support is insignificant, since the content is being created for Aurelia community - not random visitors that might get attracted by some search engine.

  • In my original post, I wrote:

    There is even third reason for not being able to use the url: - contact me directly if you care to know that, please.

    It seems that it is best if I explain this one the referenes to cloudflare and GitHub supporting SSL, so here goes: the domain '` is purchased at namecheap. In order to be able to host a subdomain ‘’ at DigitalOcean, I had to point the namecheap’s DNS servers to DigitalOcean’s DNS servers. This prevents the use of CloudFlare as the secure guardian for the portal application as a whole, since the very first step would be to ensure that the DNS servers point to CloudFlare.

    The method picked to build a relatively complex portal, by hosting parts of it at different cloud providers, is quite “ingenious” in the situation where resources ($$) are low. Architecturally, this method is silly for all of the reasons being discussed here.

@ - few days ago you posted a brief article that I would appreciate to appear as the first one in the Tips and Tricks category. If you agree with me, please follow this workflow to create the PR

@adriatic I am going to do it, just bit tight with my spare time. BTW, I got more tricks under my sleeve :sunglasses:

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Thanks - I saw your PR and am very excited that it is the very first article in the Aurelia tips and tricks document. After Rob, who wrote the very first blog, you are the first author of an Aurelia tip (keep them comming and do not worry about your timing)

Hi, @adriatic
I posted an image not to start a discussion.
you shared a link and there is an obvious issue with a certificate.
I know the probable underlying cause. No need to explain.

Needed or not, a lot of people won’t get past that security warning.
I could care less about nice custom domain. Who looks at them this days anyways? (-:

Good content is still the king. And being able to get to that content is important.
Target audience won’t know the pretty custom domain name. Google will.
At least I hope we are targeting not the guys who already hang out in gitter and discourse.