Aurelia-dialog 2.0.0-rc.5 error

I sounds like something else. The code that caused error is the same with rc5 :frowning:

So this error was caused by a NEW install where webpack was set to ^4.28.0, which installed 4.33.0. So at some point in time we need to address this webpack version 4.28 issue

Also for others using an older version upgrading to RC5/6 w/ webpack, the following is NO LONGER NEEDED:

    new ModuleDependenciesPlugin({
      'aurelia-dialog': ['./resources/ux-dialog', './resources/ux-dialog-body', './resources/ux-dialog-header', './resources/ux-dialog-footer', './resources/attach-focus',]

Using 4.28.4 with RC6 + no more ModuleDependenciesPlugin = working Aurelia dialog

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Latest Update: If you get error above, the following work-around should get you back running with webpack > 4.28.4.

npm install --save-dev acorn && npm dedupe && npm uninstall acorn

Using this workaround I was able to get webpack 4.33.0 + RC6 compiling and working no problem :slight_smile: