Best Practise for storing api routes?


Yes, it’s generating DTOs, so you can do whatever you like with them. It’s best to leave DTO’s as data-only, otherwise you can’t ‘cast’ the result of a fetch to a DTO without instantiating each as an instance of that object type and injecting all the properties.
As a vanilla DTO you can cast the receive JSON data straight to the DTO type, as shown in the example above. The Project is a DTO that was generated as an interface, and the line projects => this.accountProjects = projects only works because the DTO is pure data without any metadata.

export interface Project {
    Apikey?: string | undefined;
    CustomerAccountId?: string | undefined;
    Description?: string | undefined;
    Name?: string | undefined;
    ProjectId?: string | undefined;
    ScriptVersion?: number | undefined;
    TagsDefinition?: string | undefined;

I won’t post the whole of the promise function, but the key aspect is this at the end:

projects(projectId: string, customerAccountId: string | undefined): Promise<Project[]> {
        return this.http.fetch(url_, options_).then((_response: Response) => {
            return <Project[]>JSON.parse(_responseText, this.jsonParseReviver);

Have fun :smiley: