Big Announcement - Serverless Aurelia on AWS

I’ve started redesigning CodeSmash and preparing for an LTD campaign. As soon as the redesign is done I’ll offer a lifetime access to CodeSmash for a one-time payment.

Yes, I’m still using Aurelia v1 for the redesign, but hoping v2 becomes stable enough to start using it at some point.


New design is shaping up quite nicely. Can’t wait to release it. :smiley:

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Got feedback that colors were too bright, so I toned them down.


Hey everyone.

CodeSmash has recently earned ¥1.03M ($7K) from the recent LTD campaign. This is a great result and as a platform which is fully built in Aurelia is a proof that Aurelia is a world class JavaScript framework and can be used to build SaaS services which can compete with the best ones out there.

CodeSmash is still in its MVP phase, but new features are being added all the time. Any requests for new features are welcome.