How to use Event Aggregator as Transient with Custom Element?

@ghiscoding In our Aurelia 2 docs, we have a new section dedicated to examples and scenarios just like this. I think we could take your doc and turn each use case into a page in the examples section of the new docs and it would work quite nicely.


@ghiscoding I’ve created a page for the EventAggregator docs in Aurelia 2. Would you be willing to send a PR with the markdown from your article above, but to this file here: I can then do an update pass to fix it up for anything that has changed in au2. I think this would be a great contribution. Our new docs system will also give you credit for the content authoring, since it comes from the git commit data :smile: What do you think?


Yeah sure, I was going to ask where to send it over and you just replied to that question. For sure, I can upload it, and yeah a review would be great since I’m sure I used incorrect wording in some area. I’ll do a PR in coming days. I guess it is indeed a great to contribute to Au2 :slight_smile:


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I’ve submitted the PR #814 of the docs for the Cross-Component Communication section.