If i'm learning aurelia does that eliminate need to learn/use react.js

if i’m learning aurelia does that eliminate need to learn/use react.js?

from what I can gather so far Aurelia framework for UI, command and web api, with retries, result binding gives me what someone might otherwise have turned to react.js for.

Hi @myusrn

I asked myself this same question (‘If i’m learning aurelia does that eliminate need to learn/use react.js’) and my own answer is: no, it does not eleminate that need - as there are plausible scenarios in which you can benefit from using both frameworks. Chech the excelent answer by Aurelia Core team member @ashley to a similar question posted in StackOverflow recently.

I am taking a solid react course, consequently :smirk:

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Thanks for input on this matter and pointer to related SO question.

In my earlier search of discourse on “react.js” it returned framework knowledge post on aurelia collected tutorials which had a pointer to how to use react.js in aurelia initially published on 03/19/15 and later updated on 02/16/16. Would the guidance in that post be considered to still hold true for the current release of aurelia framework?

Yes, without specific React requirements, learning and using Aurelia does eliminate the need to learn/use react. Using only Aurelia, you’ll be perfectly capable of building great applications for web, mobile and desktop.

Of course, learning React might still be beneficial, depending on requirements in projects and jobs. There’s also the benefit of being able to integrate existing React components. But there’s definately no need so if you’re interested in Aurelia, I’d recommend first learning and working with it a bit and then add React knowledge/components when there are clear benefits.


To judge a framework, my experience is, you should try it for at least few days to build a mid-size app. Ask other people for pros/cons will never give you the inside understanding unless you try it.

Before Aurelia released v1.0, I was using Reactjs for a year. After I converted to Aurelia v1.0, I never wanted to go back.

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