[Jobs/Help Wanted] mParticle has several positions available

Hello, Aurelians!

My company, mParticle is a Customer Data Platform (CDP). CDPs provide infrastructure that allows our customers to make the most of their customer data. Using mParticle, our users can send their data to any number of our 300+ integrations. The space is growing fast, and as one of the earliest entrants into the field, mParticle is growing fast.

Our Culture
mParticle is invested in all of its people. We’re all about finding our stride doing what we love and achieving a healthy balance between work and the rest of life.

Our Architecture
mParticle is a place where both backend and frontend engineers can thrive. We built our a robust event messaging system that can handle over 500B events daily. Many layers above that sits our UI, which wrangles with the complexity of our system to allow our users to easily set up integration configurations.

Our Stack

  • Our backend service layer is built on .NET Core 5.0 (some of our older systems may still run on .NET Core 3.1). This includes our Service layer which powers our UI.
  • We use several data stores throughout the stack, and a proprietary Caching architecture that shields our stores from overwhelming number or requests
  • The UI is built on:
    • Auerlia v1 (100%)
    • Typescript
    • Webpack

Open Positions (sample)
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Backend Engineer II
Backend Engineer II
Senior Software Engineer (Performance)
Senior Software Engineer (Distributed Systems)
… and more

If you’re interested DM me here or at Seebiscuit on the Aurelia Discord server and I’ll get your application fast-tracked.

To see all of our opportunities go to https://mparticle.com/careers/.