Picking a build tool (aurelia-cli, webpack, jspm, requireJS)


We’ve got a large app using jspm/systemjs and I did look into converting to webpack but realised there was little need and it was going to take much longer than a day.

Webpack would probably give smaller bundles with a lot of effort to get the config right but we’re currently only running in Electron where our 4MB bundle isn’t an issue. Maybe startup times would be improved?


We have few apps all of them started from typescript webpack skeleton.

In my opinion build tools are a real waste of time, I think about them as something needed but ideally I’d like to use them as a black box. With webpack set up, you just need to focus on coding and keep adding modules with npm.

Imagine you need to know how the compiler works to build a dll in. net… no thanks!



This is where the CLI shines, in my opinion. Pick your prefences when starting an au new project and then you’re good to go; everything is set up for you.


Essentially this same question is on SO: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41453062/aurelia-webpack-jspm-or-cli

Here is my take from the SO post:

I believe it’s time to re-visit the answers about Aurelia CLI being a second-class tool. I respect both PW Kad and Ashley Grant immensely, but I am just not convinced that a statement like this is true anymore:

There are many features planned for the Aurelia CLI but given at the time of writing this that it is in an alpha / beta state it should generally be used on proof of concept or other smaller apps, not production-ready large scale apps yet.

Notably, I have a production application that way back in the day I started with Aurelia CLI, and changed it to JSPM precisely for the reasons noted. But recently, I rebuilt the same app from scratch using the CLI and I realize that it is much easier to use, particularly managing modules and publishing! And this is an app with Google Maps, Google Analytics, Auth0, DevExpress, Bootstrap, etc.

Just think it is time to give Aurelia CLI a little love. It’s ready.



@smoore4moma the aurelia CLI guide (the reference points to the older version of that project), which got a lot of interest in the first AUCS Survey, will address all of your issues - ___from the viewpoint of Aurelia application developer - not Aurelia framework developer, team that works on a different schedule, asynchronously with AUCS. So, if a little love can be shown by the next release of CLI that can generate a lot more powerful skeletons - that love will be created by the Aurelia core team. If on the other hand, you are interested in “manually extending the current CLI generated skeletons”, ahead of the core team, so you illustrate how to build a lot richer apps on top of such extended skeletons - you should do that in the context of AUCS Aurelia CLI Guide

My personal opinion: we are creating AUCS to unload the pressure on the core team by providing the guides for Aurelia newcomers. This allows us to work completely independently from @EisenbergEffect’s team, allowing the to worry less about losing some potential new Aurelians because of what is perceived a difficult ramp-up. Note that I am not at all implying that AUCS may address any of your needs - besides, you do not seem to be Aurelia newcomer :smile:


I know. I completely forgot to mention that Aurelia CLI has a community.
I will add that. You are doing a great job leading this effort btw!


@smoore4moma :grinning: