Picking a build tool (aurelia-cli, webpack, jspm, requireJS)


We’ve got a large app using jspm/systemjs and I did look into converting to webpack but realised there was little need and it was going to take much longer than a day.

Webpack would probably give smaller bundles with a lot of effort to get the config right but we’re currently only running in Electron where our 4MB bundle isn’t an issue. Maybe startup times would be improved?


We have few apps all of them started from typescript webpack skeleton.

In my opinion build tools are a real waste of time, I think about them as something needed but ideally I’d like to use them as a black box. With webpack set up, you just need to focus on coding and keep adding modules with npm.

Imagine you need to know how the compiler works to build a dll in. net… no thanks!



This is where the CLI shines, in my opinion. Pick your prefences when starting an au new project and then you’re good to go; everything is set up for you.