React integration


I don’t have a working example that I can share, unfortunately. I had to move to all-React for our purposes. (This was before @fragsalat’s recent answer, so I haven’t tried it with that additional technique.)


Hey folks, sorry for the long delay. I were on vacation and right after that had not much time. In the meanwhile I got access to the aurelia-react-loader repo, implemented my code and made some changes and finally published the new version 1.1.0.
You can find the plugin and the instructions here

Feedback is welcome and please tell me if that worked for you :slight_smile:



I have resued some work from Frag and updated

It now hosts the React-components built by Microsoft in Office UI Fabric. Not all components are included yet but it is actually just about one minute per component to add. Check out their site and tell me if there are any specific components you would like me to add.