Updating to aurelia-dialog@2.0.0 breaks application

I tried updating our aurelia web app to aurelia-dialog version 2.0.0
But it wont boot up anymore, with following error in the console. Anybody an idea what went wrong?

Unhandled rejection TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hasOwnProperty’ of undefined at Object.Reflect.defineMetadata (npm/aurelia-polyfills@1.3.4/aurelia-polyfills.js:840:40) at Object.define (npm/aurelia-metadata@1.0.6/aurelia-metadata.js:59:15) at eval (npm/aurelia-templating@1.10.2/aurelia-templating.js:5162:33) at eval /dist/main.js:36:50) at r.configure (npm/aurelia-dialog@2.0.0/aurelia-dialog.js:243:11) at eval (npm/aurelia-framework@1.3.1/aurelia-framework.js:298:36) at r (bluebird@3.5.3/js/browser/bluebird.min.js:33:9669)

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Oops, missed this. Have you found any solution @tomunifly?

no no solution yet
it originates from the plugin configuration, where we override the view of the dialog. UxDialog is undefined

import {UxDialog} from “aurelia-dialog”;

.plugin(‘aurelia-dialog’, config => {