Ux-dialog-open class on body removed a long time after last dialog overlay is removed

I’m trying to use the ux-dialog-open class added to body to apply a blur filter to the main app while a dialog is open. I also apply a background colour tint to ux-dialog-overlay to make it darker.

The issue I’m having is the overlays are removed around 1 second before ux-dialog-open is removed from the body. This means that for that 1 second you see the blur but not the tint from the overlay.

Can anybody see a way to avoid this? I’ve tried making the background darker using solely the the filter but can’t get the desired effect.

Well it can’t be reproduced on gist.run so I’m guessing its something I’m doing:

Can you provide more information about this? a video or gif. I can’t see the issue.

Hi @boban.r, the issue doesn’t occur in the gist.run example so there must be something I’m doing in the large app which delays the removal of the body class.

@timfish so if is possible upload your whole app on github to see what happends