Validation controller subscription - detecting manual vs automatic

[edit: I rewrote this because it’s too verbose, but the question is the same]

Is there any way I can detect “manual” vs “automatic” validation from a ValidateEvent? The only thing I can seem to see is type: 'validate' | 'reset'.

I’m subscribing to the event like this: this.controller.subscribe((event: ValidateEvent) => { ... });

I tried monkey-patching the ValidateInstruction like this: this.controller.validate({ object: this.model, noScroll: true } as ValidateInstruction); - and this is passed through to ValidateEvent.instruction, but normally I don’t even specify an object and it seems like a bit of a hack.

Am I missing something? The docs don’t give much (any?) detail on ValidateEvent. The validation guide only mentions the subscribe callback and says there’s more in the API docs but I can’t find anything in them.


Just an update - the monkey-patching idea doesn’t work because I have sub-properties added to the validation controller (with ValidationRules...on(...)); and specifying a ValidationInstruction for an object means that it’s sub-properties are not validated.