WebRTC integration on SPA template

I would like to integrate WebRTC features on my test app.
Getting and downloading audio, video or a simple photo would be a great start.
Any idea how to integrate WebRTC features on a ASP.NET SPA Template app would be more than appreciated.


Hi @andreabaldin
I am assuming that (because your questions appears in Aurelia Discourse site) that you are interested in the approach outlined in Client-side development in ASP.NET Core, where the React application created with dotnet new react and subsequently used in Use the Single-Page Application templates (preview) article is replaced with the Aurelia application.

If my assumption is correct, than besides all of the WebRTC specific information, you would also need the equivalent of dotnet new aurelia Aurelia app generator - something that can easily be “faked” (read hand-made).

The WebRTC specific knowledge is relatively straightforward - articles like

could be good starting points.

I would like to offer you a “deal”, assuming that you are interested in sharing your learned experiences with the Aurelia Community. In that case I would be happy to help you with this project, if you can join the team effort I just described as Get Aurelia Great

Thanks for your prompt response @adriatic,
Sure, I’m interested in cooperating with the community.

At this stage I’m interested in the ASP.NET Core SPA template.
Unfortunately my experience with Aurelia and Webpack is very limited so I’m facing lots of problems in interfacing JS libraries with Typescript.
In my understanding WebRTC should be straightforward to use, I wonder how much difficult would be creating an Aurelia module…

However any help welcome and I will return to the community what I will discover and produce.


Hi @andreabaldin

Great! As mentioned in my first response to your question (see below)

Let me create the proper context for this project, which I will explain in this article, tomorrow. In anticipation of this explanation, please check this similar project we are maintaining already for the benefit of Aurelia KendoUI Bridge plugin users. The difference between your project and this one is that I propose to create the equivalents of the Aurelia Navigation Skeletons enhanced with added support for WebRTC.

Keeping your project in such context that matches many similar existing ones will greatly facilitate the future aggregation of all Community based project into Aurelia Website.

How does this sound?

Hi @adriatic,

I’m not sure my experience on WebRTC integration deserves a skeleton
Furthermore I’m just experiencing in getting videos, images and audio
tracks from the camera/microphone using the ASP.NET Core SPA template,
not the other skeletons.

However I’m doing some progresses and I will be pleased to pass you what
I will produce. Maybe you can extend and complete the exercise…

@andreabaldin: I was more interested in your desire to help the Community than into your experience with WebRTC - which is why I wrote that I would be happy to help you with this project.

On the other hand, there is no sense in kidnapping you into our context, so I will continue with (just created) Aurelia WebRTC samples and documentation project. Naturally, you are quite welcome to observe, comment and eventually join once and if you find it interesting.

Let me explain why is it that I am taking this so “formally”: I am convinced that we (all community members) need to stop pushing our own separate blogs, samples and technical documents; only by well organized collaborative efforts will Aurelia as a open source framework reach the level of completeness that matches a lot better funded and supported efforts like Angular, React or few others. I am using the word completeness to insinuate the relatively sparse technical documentation, without badly needed examples, code snippets, architectural discussions - all of which are really the very important to newcomers.

Hi @adriatic,

I understand and agree with you. Aurelia deserves a well organized
documentation set. Unfortunately I’m not the right guy for the job,
however I would be pleased to collaborate providing the result of my tests.
Feel free to modify and publish at your name or mentioning me at your

At the end I completed what I was interested in today.
My basic exercise using the camera stream feature part of WebRTC is
available at https://github.com/andreabaldin/WebRTC.

You’ll find minimal and trivial code. Hope it helps.
I can’t wait to see your refactoring using correct Aurelia integration
and bindings…


@andreabaldin: deal :ok_hand: stay in touch.