Flipper of bits, biter of bytes, sleeper of sleep, fan of delicious flavor :pineapple:, and a pirate. :pirate_flag:

Initially a c++ person, sadly submerged into stuff like MFC before running fast and far. I’ve liked JavaScript since the times when unrestricted cgi’s were everywhere and you could send emails claiming to be anyone. I remember Durandal :triangular_flag_on_post:

I’m not very old, but I feel it. :crazy_face:
1/1 is not my birthdate. Had I been allowed a year, I’d have put 1970, but that is also false.

Give me a Commodore64, a boatload of coffee :coffee:, some pork :pig2:, and some rum. I’ll be a happy little pirate.

More seriously, my favorite things to do are to build tools and extensibility points for users, and teaching people. I do both for a living. There is not enough time in any day.

Smoking is terrible. Do not do it. Littering is worse. Don’t you ever.