Accesing object with key object.$key, is it possible?

This works for repeating when i specify reportItems.time or reportItems.human.

    <div repeat.for="val of reportItems.time">
        time ${}
  Above works.

    where analysisTypes is     private analysisTypes = ["time", "motion", "human", "sensor"];

    But this one does not work.
    <div repeat.for="types of analysisTypes"> (analysisTypes is  ["time", "motion", "human", "sensor"];)
        ${$index} ${types}
        <div repeat.for="val of reportItems.$types">
            ${val} - ${} <br>

Any idea how to apply repeat.for in dictionary reportItems above. reportItems is of type
private reportItems: { [analysisType in TimelineEntryType]: ReportItem[] } = {};

Hi @suvir ! I think that instead of reportItems.$types you actually want to have reportItems[types].

tried already. does not work. This is the data


            "id": "73fd92f6-f259-4266-b196-2b08588650ca",
            "projectId": "0a290a6b-0613-47c8-acfd-a101f5c91d96",
            "representativeId": "209cef00-73eb-497d-bc39-52d1e846f322",
            "notes": "kljkfsljklsg \n\n\nlkldfk\nlkldf\n",
            "type": "time"
        "visibilityStatus": true

Above is the screenshot of console.log of the object itself.

Take a look at this similar example: Dumber Gist. It would be nice if you could reproduce your issue minimally there.

In the end, i decided to not use the dictionary and used array instead. Arrays are easier to loop over.