Add modules to aurelia-core.js

So I have this (aurelia-basic-starter)… The idea is having something quick and dirty to demo simple concepts. I grabbed the files from CDN and updated the system config to not serve up the typescript but instead transpile the files locally. I need to add other modules to this. I know aurelia-router is part of the CDN but not others like validation, dialog, etc. I was hoping someone could explain how to prepare other modules the same way aurelia-router is put together in the CDN. I am trying to avoid webpack since this is just a quick an dirty setup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. =)

Have a look at

Specifically at JSPM configuration. Being a webpack app it also uses JSPM to prepare a bundle which can later be used for TypeScript gists.

I haven’t checked but I think you can also use aurelia CLI to cook the vendor bundle and reuse it for gists.

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