Adding css file to a page

Hi there,

I am having trouble with this. I want to add a css file to a page. I have the file schedulerStyles.css in the same folder as scheduler.html and scheduler.ts.

In scheduler.html file I have added the following line

<require from="./schedulerStyles.css"></require>

The error I am getting is:

ERROR [app-router] Error: Failed loading required CSS file: pages/scheduler/schedulerStyles.css
at fixupCSSUrls (hmr-css-resource.js?3390:22)
at eval (hmr-css-resource.js?3390:60)
at async Promise.all (:44396/scheduler/index 0)
at async Promise.all (:44396/scheduler/index 0)

Here is a pic of the solution:

This could be to do with convention… maybe I haven’t used the correct syntax…

Hope someone can see the problem.

can you paste your css? seems like its failing on normalizing urls inside it