Arrays updating dom using to trick it into updating

So I spent way to much time reading websites stackover flow and bug reports for this issue. I have some buttons that get there value.bind="$this.queue[0]" etc. Problem was that when the array was updated with direct indexing it would not update browser/dom ie: queue[0]=“fred” didn’t update the binding.

So after much reading I read that you should use splice(i,1,data) so that aurelia would see the change and update the dom. Well that didn’t work. So here is what I did that made it work.

initQueue() { //This init worked like a champ it was ran from constructor of element. Also direct indexing was ok here as well.
let i;
for (i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
this.queue.splice(i, 1, ‘1’);

pushQueue(v) {
let i;
for (i = 5; i > 0; i–) this.queue.splice(i, 1, this.queue[i - 1]);
this.queue.splice(0, 1, v);
this.queue = x => x); // This line made the dom update with the values of the array.
//this.queue=this.queue //this also doesn’t work if anyone cares.

Would anyone care to explain to me why splice was not enough to make the dom update and yet the map worked.

All array mutation methods are working properly for me. Can you give a repro of what is not working for you, maybe via gist ?