Au run --watch not working after install bootstrap and JQuery

I’m learning Aurelia by following Contact Manager Tutorial but after installing bootstrap and jquery:

npm install bootstrap --save
npm install jquery@^2.2.4 --save

and re-executing
au run --watch

it asks for the creation of a new project.

My folder is like this

npm -v: 5.5.1
node -v: 8.9.3

If I’m understanding right, you’re having problems just before this step in the tutorial?

au responding like that suggests that it can’t find an aurelia project to run.
What directory are you running from?

au should be run from the root folder of the project i.e. the one containing aurelia_project, scripts, src, etc.

The link that you copied is broken :sweat_smile:

I execute:
au run --watch
Inside the project folder, at first everything works correctly, but after installing bootstrap and jquery, the tutorial indicates the restart of the au run --watch it seems that the project is damaged and asks me to create a new one.

Did you change to the project folder before running au run --watch?

cd name-proyect
au run --watch

at the beginning the project run without problems, after that:
npm install bootstrap --save
npm install jquery@^2.2.4 --save

the problem was generated. This is the tutorial: Tutorial

(Thanks for the help)

The error message means that the cli cannot find an Aurelia project in your current folder. Are there subfolders named aurelia_project, scripts and src? If not, I suggest deleting your folder and starting over. If you installed node and npm globally you won’t need to install them again.

I just created a new project with aurelia cli, then installed bootstrap and jquery and everything worked fine.

This is my folder
Captura de pantalla de 2018-01-04 17-57-47

Create three new projects and when installing bootstrap and jQuery, the project is no longer recognized. I’ll have to try it on another computer.
Thanks for your help.

Yes same is happening with me
here I have submitted issue :
CLI issue