Aurelia 2 -help with routing between pages that use au-compose


I am trying to implement a view that implements the new Aurelia 2 composition:

<au-compose view-model.bind="view"></au-compose>

My route for this page is:

{ id: ‘page’, path: ‘:section/:viewmodel/:id?’, component: () => import(’./shell’), title: ‘Loading’ },

I am having a problem routing between different pages that use this same route. It does work the first time I route to a particular view, but does not work the second.

For example I have two views: testpage1 and testpage2.
I route to /#layout/testpage1 and it displays correctly
I route to /#layout/testpage2 and is displays correctly
I route back to /#layout/testpage1 and it fails to display

I’ve tried to route manually via router.load and using the back button on the browser, but both fail to refresh the view correctly. It doesn’t seem like the router hook load is called again or any other lifecycle hooks. I need routing to update the view, but even trying to manually update the view binding on the au-compose doesn’t work the second time.

I’ve tried using different routing options, but nothing seems to work.
Currently my router is setup like:
.register(RouterConfiguration.customize({ useUrlFragmentHash: true, sameUrlStrategy: ‘reload’}))