Aurelia 2018 Roadmap

2017 was a great year for Aurelia but 2018 is shaping up to be even better! Hop on over to the official blog and read the Aurelia 2018 Roadmap post to see what’s in store for the new year and beyond.


What an exciting read! I can’t wait to see what Aurelia has in store for the future, and I certainly hope to be a part of that progress.

Things I’m most interested in: Typescript rewrite. Template intellisense. But more than anything, monorepo project is HUGE… As an official armchair developer, I think the monorepo project should be the highest priority.

I’m very excited about the state management plugin! What a great news for 2018!

Happy new year!

One of the best posts about Aurelia has been released recently.
Thank you first of all for Mr.@EisenbergEffect and his team. Thank you for the sake of Aurelia.

We hope this gives you an overview of what we’re planning for Aurelia in 2018 and beyond. The last three years have been an amazing journey for us. We can’t wait to take our next steps and we hope you’ll join us on this ride.

As you mentioned at the end of the blog post, the opinions of people in this regard can be helpful, so I’m going to start with a few points. I hope other people also express their views.

  1. The first thing is the timing issue. Are there any schedules and priorities for the items listed? Of course, you have pointed out in some cases such as SSR to be released in the near future.

  2. In the context of mobile, you mentioned Cordova/PhoneGap support. Will this be a new implementation or be in the form of Framework7, NativeScript, Ionic,… ?

  3. I hope that Aurelia will support ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation as well as other frameworks. Do you have any plans for this?

At the end, I sincerely thank you.

Long Live Aurelia!

@EisenbergEffect everything in the list is what It’s needed to make a step forward and even beyond other frameworks. To make this happen (and in reasonable time) I suggest you to start soon funding initiatives. I’d certainly support the core developers behind the framework and I’m sure many other people will!

I agree that there’s a huge need to have AOT to send less bytes over the wire and compete with Vue and angular

In the context of mobile, you mentioned Cordova/PhoneGap support. Will this be a new implementation or be in the form of Framework7, NativeScript, Ionic,… ?

@HamedFathi I think it’s the official support for build target for projects generated by the CLI. So you can use anything.

For NativeScript, my take is unless there is strong desire of creating another abstraction layer on top of it, it’s not worth it to sugar coat the already-powerful and easy to use NativeScript API with Aurelia. Also my opinion: neither Angular nor Vue added much value on top of NativeScript, but I haven’t used that combination enough so I could be very wrong :smile:

There is already a way to have Aurelia / NativeScript working together though not nice (using jsdom). You can see from following pics:

NativeScript stack (borrowed from NativeScript doc repo)

It reflects somewhat what I put above (if you look at application framework layer), basically you can just setup a NativeScript project with Typescript / vanilla JS and use its own template syntax rather than Angular / Vue


Disagree on there not being a big need for a layer on top of NS. The NS view model design is kind of awful and implementing Aurelia’s on top plus adding Aurelia’s dependency injection, etc. would be a big win. Plus, being able to reuse aurelia ViewModel classes with different XML templates for NS would make code reuse a possibility. I started thinking about this and talking with the NS people but didn’t get very far before work stuff took over my life.


Love how Aurelia works.


Thx, for the 2018 roadmap, kinda been waiting for roadmap for a while.

Only reason why I know anything or even use js/ts/html atm is because Aurelia made client side fun and easy. So thank you.

typescript… love it, still a lot to learn, but boy it helps making less bugs :slight_smile:

Monorepo sounds like a good idea, when I started to use Aurelia I didnt know much about npm and git, but after a few years I can see many having issues knowing where to post a issue on Aurelia.
There should have been a guide on whats what…


Any plans on the loaders ?
A lot have changed since Aurelia development stared.
Jspm, webpack, amd, systemjs, parcel, fusebox etc etc …

I think its important every loader is suppored, so maybe a general plugin to parse html/js/ts needs to be made so if anyone make a new loader for something like fusebox they will be able to support every feature right away.
So maybe general docs how to make loaders, whats needed etc need to be made so when a new bundle/loader pops up we can have a loader within a short time.

Maybe a task for @adriatic .
But again the plugin for reading out the html/js/ts resources will be important.

Maybe support alternatives to how something is loaded
Not breaking stuff is very important, but what about making alternatives to the loader.

(sorry if any of this exist, please point me to the docs)

  • Like static loadtemplate() function on components, or decorator.
  • alternative is js/ts


I did manage to make this. (pure Aurelia data-grid, no dependencies)
One thing I noticed was that there was very little docs on viewslots/viewcompiler/viewResources etc.
It would really help new people if this was made, and me if I need to fix my grid for bugs :slight_smile:

Nice post @vegarringdal. A comment on your issue

Jspm, webpack, amd, systemjs, parcel, fusebox etc etc …

We do plan to deal with this as a part of the AUCS early activities. I will soon post details about this section, so please stay tuned - god natt.


" so please stay tuned - god natt."

… going full Norwegian in the end there:wink:
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

@vegarringdal a discussion around loaders might start at DISCUSSION: bundler-friendly aurelia