Aurelia Advanced Topics

Hi everyone, I am the author of the book, Practical App Development with Aurelia by Apress. I am working on a new book for Aurelia that would target some of the more advanced capabilities or features of Aurelia. I would love to get some feedback as what the community would like to see. Here are some of the topics I was thinking about:

  • Server Side Rendering
  • Security using Oath like Auth0
  • FlexBox and/or CSS Grid
  • Electron and Aurelia
  • State Management (e.g. Aurelia Store)
  • CRUD Templates like the DataForm that was in Silverlight for Admin screens
  • Aurelia UX or any other official Aurelia plugin
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Aurelia
  • Examples using third party APIs like MailGun, mLab (MongoDB), Auth0, etc.
  • Aurelia Web Components
  • Using the Monaco Editor in Aurelia

These are just some ideas to start with and aren’t meant to be inclusive all everything that will be covered in the book but more of a catalyst for discussion as to what would be the most beneficial and pertinent topics to cover.


Here’s the link to Matt’s book:


Wowowow Finally, these topics will be covered by someone. @matt.duffield When will this book be released?

Is it possible to add some topics about mobile programming? Like Ionic/Nativescript.

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@HamedFathi I am still a gathering what chapters will be included in the book. Please add requests/suggestions you like.

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Looking forward for electron, monaco and state mngmt. Its what im working on currently and could also provide help if needed. UX and OAuth would be what a lot people would also benefit from. Finally GraphQL would be very interesting.


@zewa666 I welcome all the input and help with regard to any samples and/or best practices. I will definitely take you up on helping ensure the content is good.

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Based on your request:

  1. FlexBox and/or CSS Grid like flex-layout
  2. Nested/Child routing for advanced routing chapter
  3. Using the Monaco/Ace.js Editor in Aurelia, please cover debugging and breakpoints if possible.
  4. SEO in Aurelia (Browser/SSR) something like helmet in react.
  5. Aurelia Architecture, Some chapters about inside Aurelia. How to extend it?
  6. Reactive programming with Aurelia

Thanks :slight_smile:

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and plug in own stuff


Some help with advanced templating techniques would really help. Like @processContent, InlineViewStrategy, compiling your own Views and managing ViewSlots programmatically. I’ve had to piece a lot of that together from various resources, even inspecting the source code myself. Would love to know if I got it all right, and have the information more available to others.


Hi @RomkeVdMeulen, that sounds great as well!

I think i’d like to see some more advanced child router scenarios.


A couple of things I’d be interested in:

  • Using binding behaviors to manipulate binding expressions (e.g. generating form bindings based on json schema’s - Ashley Grant wrote a blog post about this once)
  • Extending/overriding the binding language (e.g. implementing Angular 2.0 syntax to make migrating from Angular to Aurelia easier)
  • Different (clean) ways to do multi-rooted apps
  • Utilizing workers for background processing
  • Unit testing custom elements with complex lifecycles
  • Comprehensive guidelines on when queueMicroTask is needed

for me it’s Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Aurelia! I would love this :slight_smile:


I really hope author of books, take authentication and authorization as a topic and explain it. With Identity and/or IdentityServer4 with Microsoft stack (, MS Sql Server etc)

best regards

  1. Authorization and Authentication with OAuth services, no matter what tech as the back-end( I personally like ASP.NET Identity system, also could be openIddict or identity server )
  2. State-Management ( Described in detail, preferred aurelia-store plugin )
  3. Aurelia behind the scenes ( Particularly undocumented parts and advanced topics such as BindingEngine or EventManager )
  • Lazy-loading routes, and creating site-maps based on routes at startup( master and nested children routes )
  • SEO optimization without using SSR :wink:

fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: @matt.duffield

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  1. State management with aurelia-store (please assume that the reader has never used a state management system before)

  2. GraphQL (Apollo integration?)

  3. Electron

  4. Explain the benefits of using aurelia-fetch-client (vs vanilla fetch or axios for example)

I would really like to see some guidance on using the binding behaviours to build forms from a JSON schema like that could be used by a drag and drop designer like grapejs.

I think you can do it with

Thanks but they removed that feature :disappointed_relieved:

I thought the aurelia team had a form builder being worked on at some point. I’m building my own form builder, but it is highly specific in functionality for my job.