Aurelia CLI Build-In Bundler - tempusdominus-bootstrap-4 does not exist on type 'JQuery<HTMLElement>

I recently updated the Aurelia CLI to latest, and followed the docs on how to configure my aurelia.json file, but I get the following error when I try to use moment: error TS2304: Cannot find name 'moment'. and error TS2339: Property 'datetimepicker' does not exist on type 'JQuery<HTMLElement>'. when I try to use tempusdominus.

Here is how aurelia.json is configured:

"name": "MigrationPortal",
"type": "project:application",
"bundler": {
    "id": "cli",
    "displayName": "Aurelia-CLI"
"httpProtocol": {
    "id": "http1",
    "displayName": "HTTP/1.1"
"build": {
    "targets": [
            "id": "aspnetcore",
            "displayName": "ASP.NET Core",
            "output": "wwwroot/scripts",
            "index": "wwwroot/index.html",
            "baseDir": "./wwwroot",
            "baseUrl": "scripts"
    "options": {
        "minify": "ci-dev & stage & prod",
        "sourcemaps": "local & dev & ci-dev & stage",
        "rev": "ci-dev & stage & prod"
    "bundles": [
            "name": "app-bundle.js",
            "source": [
            "name": "vendor-bundle.js",
            "prepend": [
            "dependencies": [
                    "name": "aurelia-testing",
                    "env": "dev"
    "loader": {
        "type": "require",
        "configTarget": "vendor-bundle.js",
        "includeBundleMetadataInConfig": "auto",
        "plugins": [
                "name": "text",
                "extensions": [
                "stub": false
    "copyFiles": {
        "node_modules/simple-line-icons/fonts/Simple-Line-Icons.eot": "wwwroot/simple-line-icons/fonts",
        "node_modules/simple-line-icons/fonts/Simple-Line-Icons.svg": "wwwroot/simple-line-icons/fonts",
        "node_modules/simple-line-icons/fonts/Simple-Line-Icons.ttf": "wwwroot/simple-line-icons/fonts",
        "node_modules/simple-line-icons/fonts/Simple-Line-Icons.woff": "wwwroot/simple-line-icons/fonts",
        "node_modules/simple-line-icons/fonts/Simple-Line-Icons.woff2": "wwwroot/simple-line-icons/fonts",
        "node_modules/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot": "wwwroot/font-awesome/fonts",
        "node_modules/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.svg": "wwwroot/font-awesome/fonts",
        "node_modules/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf": "wwwroot/font-awesome/fonts",
        "node_modules/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff": "wwwroot/font-awesome/fonts",
        "node_modules/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff2": "wwwroot/font-awesome/fonts",
        "node_modules/font-awesome/fonts/FontAwesome.otf": "wwwroot/font-awesome/fonts"
"platform": {
    "id": "aspnetcore",
    "displayName": "ASP.NET Core",
    "output": "wwwroot/scripts",
    "index": "wwwroot/index.html",
    "baseDir": "./wwwroot",
    "baseUrl": "scripts"
"transpiler": {
    "id": "typescript",
    "displayName": "TypeScript",
    "fileExtension": ".ts",
    "dtsSource": [
    "source": "src/**/*.ts"
"markupProcessor": {
    "id": "maximum",
    "displayName": "Maximum Minification",
    "fileExtension": ".html",
    "source": "src/**/*.html"
"cssProcessor": {
    "id": "sass",
    "displayName": "Sass",
    "fileExtension": ".scss",
    "source": "src/**/*.scss"
"editor": {
    "id": "vscode",
    "displayName": "Visual Studio Code"
"testFramework": {
    "id": "jasmine",
    "displayName": "Jasmine"
"unitTestRunner": {
    "id": "karma",
    "displayName": "Karma",
    "source": "test/unit/**/*.ts"
"paths": {
    "root": "src",
    "resources": "resources",
    "elements": "resources/elements",
    "attributes": "resources/attributes",
    "valueConverters": "resources/value-converters",
    "bindingBehaviors": "resources/binding-behaviors"

Have I missed something in my configuration? Is Typescript causing an issue? I would appreciate any help or advice I can get on this.

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These issues should go away when you do

<reference type="jquery-datepicker" />
<reference type="moment" />

Note: name is for example, please have a check. The fix is to include the file manually in your main.ts or app.ts file?

I was having issues as well when I (incorrectly for my project) was trying to access moment.
I was also using toastr in the prepend and it was working fine. When I examined a bit deeper it turns out toastr.d.ts was exporting slightly different, and when I did a test changing moment to use the same export it worked fine.

old moment.d.ts

export = moment;

updated moment.d.ts

declare module "moment" {
    export = moment;

I ended up just creating a custom typing from the original moment one with that change, and added to my project.

Just FYI, since I didn’t need to use prepend I still wanted both toastr and moment to be globally available and added this to the top of my main.ts

import * as toastr from 'toastr';
window['toastr'] = toastr;
//quick fix for bootstrap overwriting toastr styles
toastr.options.toastClass = 'toastr';

import * as moment from 'moment';
window['moment'] = moment;
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Thank you for the response but unfortunately, I’m still running into the same issue.

Thank you, your suggestion helped with getting moment working. That suggestion will be really helpful with other .js libraries. However, I still run into the following error when trying to use tempusdominus: error TS2339: Property 'datetimepicker' does not exist on type 'JQuery<HTMLElement>'

I tried creating a new aurelia project from scratch and I’m seeing the same issue. I’m not sure where I’m making a mistake in my configuration. I have even tried to shim the library with a brand new project but to no avail. Could it be just a typescript issue? Any insight or direction would be really helpful.

I mean that is only a compile time error. Just cast to any and see if it works


Thanks for the response, and I tried casting it but the method still isn’t available. I followed the docs in setting up a new app to see if there’s an issue with my configuration but I’m running into the same problem. I will try with other packages that use jquery to see if I can get it to work. Perhaps this particular datepicker just won’t work.