Aurelia DI injection and inheritance in typescript

How does DI work in inheritance?
Ie. let’s take this example (I use Typescript):

export abstract class HttpServiceBase {
    constructor (protected httpClient: HttpClient) {

export class UserService extends HttpServiceBase {
    public getAllUsers():Promise<UserModel> {
        return this.httpClinet.fetch(....) ///implementation details are not important here

and the usage:

export class NewUserVM {
    constructor (private service: UserService) {}

   async activate() {
        this.model = await this.service.getAllUsers();

This throws an exception at run-time when I try to use httpClient, because I forgot to write the constructor in the derived class, so the HttpClient is not being injected.
I know that in Typescript, if the derived class doesn’t specify constructor, the constructor is inherited.

  1. So why does it not work?
  2. Also, how can I make all my service instance that derive from HttpServiceBase transient when i use @autoinject?
  3. Can I somehow enforce the ts-compiler/vscode-ide to detect missing constructor implementation in derived class and throw an error at compile-time, ts-lint maybe?