Aurelia dialog 2.0.0 not working with asp net project

Could create issue in github - assume because I haven’t signed the CLA (now have), so posting here:

I’m submitting a bug report

  • Library Version:

  • Operating System:
    Windows 10

  • Node Version:

  • NPM Version:

  • JSPM OR Webpack AND Version
    require 2.3.5

  • Browser:

  • Language:
    TypeScript 2.9.2

Current behavior:

  • au new, select require and asp net
  • import dialog
  • run
  • error: cannot find htto://localhost:9000/node_modules/aurelia-dialog/dist/amd/resources/ux-dialog.js (or ux-dialog-header.js, ux-dialog-body.js, ux-dialog-footer.js, attach-focus.js)
  • works with au new, require, web

Expected/desired behavior:

  • works (as with au new, require, web)

For starters add this "resources": ["resources/*.js"] to the dialog configuration in aurelia.json. This is one of the breaking changes - there will be a blog post.
Now why there is a difference between web and asp net I’ll have to check.