Aurelia HN Progressive Web App (PWA) example

I was going to build a Progressive Web App example, for the site. I’m stuck after trying the newer Aurelia cli webpack and moving that into my branch

This branch is also trying to pull in Workbox for the service worker

If anyone is interested in helping me out or can give me some pointers or links, I’d appreciate it.

I think it’d be good for Aurelia to have an example on the Hacker news PWA site.


hi @aligneddev, do you have any news?
I’m having trouble building a pwa with aurelia.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten back to this. I don’t get to use Aurelia at work :frowning: and free time to investigate this is limited.

I wanted to figure out WorkBox at the same time.

A PWA in Aurelia would be a great topic for the official docs.


I used the official Aurelia dotnet template and Mads Kristensen’s Nuget package for ASP.NET Core to create PWAs. It seems to work smoothly (I’m a rookie with this) until one upgrades to WebPack 4.0. There’s more at, together with the problem I encountered with the uprgrade to WebPack 4.0 (don’t do that yet) in case someone is interested about the steps more closely.

Looks like Webpack 4 is close to being added in (and should work now).

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Hey there, not sure if still useful or not. But I just finished my implementation of the HNPWA over the weekend.

I just used the aurelia-cli to generate Webpack/TypeScript project.