Aurelia Media File List

From time to time we get requests for official Aurelia icons or logos in various sizes or formats. We’ve added a media folder to the site so that they’ll be more readily available. In the future, we’ll add a media page that lists the resources, but since we haven’t had time to do that yet, I wanted to list them here as a reference in the short term.

All media can be found under*. Here’s the file list:

  • aurelia-favicon.ico
  • aurelia-icon-64x64.png
  • aurelia-icon-128x128.png
  • aurelia-icon-256x256.png
  • aurelia-icon-512x512.png
  • aurelia-icon-black.svg
  • aurelia-icon.svg
  • aurelia-logo-black.svg
  • aurelia-logo-inverse.png
  • aurelia-logo.png
  • aurelia-logo.svg

Note: There is no index at at the moment. We will add that soon. For now, you will need to specify the exact file name in the url.

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Yes, we haven’t got an index.html page in place on the site yet. The reason I posted this is so that people could know what files are available for direct download. We’ll get a page up in the not distant future, but didn’t want to hold up getting these resources to people who were asking for them.

404 due to typo: aurelia-icon-256x2256.png (fixed below)
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Others are fine.


Icon 64x64

Icon 128x128

Icon 256x256

Icon 512x512

Icon Black (svg)
Icon Black (svg)

Aurelia Logo (png)

Icon Logo (svg)
Aurelia Logo (svg)

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@constructor Thanks for making this more usable for the community and for digging into the 404 issues. I’ve corrected the filename above and also realized that the inverse logo was also a typo, since it’s a png rather than an svg. I’ve fixed that above as well.