Aurelia router issue

Step to produce error -

Sample project used from au2-routing-part-3

npm run build

copy the dist file to server (production)

When navigating to its works ok.

When you refresh this page using browser refresh button, its gives Internal Server Error.

and once you go back to root element it will work. What is the issue? and how to resolve it?

I have uploaded the sample file on, if you want to check the issue.

I did not modified the project, just build and uploaded it on server.

It looks like a misconfiguration of the webserver. I don’t think it has anything to do with Aurelia tbh, since the result of the build is an html file which should be served without a problem. But since even that file is not served, the origin of your problem probably is outside Aurelia scope.

Good luck!

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what type of server are you using? is it configured for pushstate with e.g. mod_rewrite(apache) or try-parse(nginx) rules?


Thank you @mroeling @zewa666