Aurelia Webpack with Typescript Module: Module not found

Hi. I followed the instruction for the Typescript WebWorker integration for Webpack here: GitHub - webpack-contrib/worker-loader: A webpack loader that registers a script as a Web Worker

Even when my IDE is able to resolve it, my Aurelia application is not able to load the module.

Module worker-loader.d.ts

declare module "worker-loader!*" {
    // You need to change `Worker`, if you specified a different value for the `workerType` option
    class WebpackWorker extends Worker {

    // Uncomment this if you set the `esModule` option to `false`
    // export = WebpackWorker;
    export default WebpackWorker;

My main.ts

import Worker from "worker-loader!./worker";

export function configure(aurelia: Aurelia) {
    const worker = new Worker();

    worker.postMessage({ a: 1 });
    worker.onmessage = (event) => {};

    worker.addEventListener("message", (event) => {});

The error message:

ERROR in ./src/main.ts
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './worker' in 'C:\Users\xxx\IdeaProjects\webapp\src'
 @ ./src/main.ts 3:0-44 5:23-29
 @ ./node_modules/aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/empty-entry.js
 @ multi aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/empty-entry aurelia-webpack-plugin/runtime/pal-loader-entry aurelia-bootstrapper

Here is a working example: GitHub - JamesLMilner/webpack-tsc-worker: An example of using Workers built with TypeScript and Webpack (but without Aurelia)