Best way to learn about aurelia authentication

I am using Aurelia and loving it! Aurelia is really refreshing given the alternatives.

However there is a needless steep learning curve on Aurelia; which can be bridged by up-to-date documentation. Currently there is a gap between documentation and reality.

For example, hunting down the fact one needs to prefix PLATFORM.moduleName() to
.plugin(‘aurelia-authentication’, {baseUrl: ‘’}) for the recommended (cli) way of building an aurelia app took about 5 hrs after not a straightforward search path.

I have read up on several articles on securing the aurelia app including :
amongst others

I have implemented the naive “dual app root” method without really session management (in the sense that if i refresh the browser, it reverts back to logged-out version). I have installed & configured aurelia-authentication ; but need guidance in implementation.

I wish to understand the best (read quickest) way to implement aurelia-authentication (preferably step-by-step) for the purposes of securing a aurelia app for a “dual app root”. The authenication and authorization information is expected to be locally stored (not social media providers) . I am wary of older articles because Aurelia has changed a lot in the recent year or so. What is a good place to start?

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Hello Milindparikh,

great that you came to like Aurelia! If you can remember the place where that information was missing…contributing to the docs would be welcome, i think. You can find them at
Concerning autentification: has a chapter about authorization with JWTs.
It´s not about “dual app root” but maybe it´ll help you to get on track.


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Welcome @milindparikh
The mentioned Plugin is a community work, thus it might be best to create an issue in their repo.

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