Better know a framework #28: Aurelia by examples

I’ve created an app to help enhance the learning & practicing Aurelia experience. It’s focused on toying with examples for various basic syntaxes, concepts now, and more advanced usages in near future. You can have a play at


Very good idea.
I will share this among my team.
I think this kind of “playground” should be imbedded along side the documentation as well.


This seems to only work on Chrome or Edge … Firefox 89 shows

# "importmap" unavailable

This application uses importmap feature, more info about browser support can be found here [](

The information about the feature, which is in proposal state can be seen here

If you are using Chrome & Edge, it should work fine, unless your version is older than 89

If you are using Safari, the status of the implementation can be tracked here

If you are using Firefox, the status of the implementation can be tracked here

Added a section showing the basic of how to use portal attribute

This is a feature in v2, which is the port of v1 plugin here


This is fantastic. This is another thing I never knew about

using a promise for a conditional was also new. Please keep this stuff coming

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