Better know a framework #6 imports paths in Typescript

Sick of long paths?


Related to that an example how to share folders between projects

@zewa666 would you like to make a PR to guides @ contrib with article and a link to your repo?

Sounds like a good first step in making a plugin

Hey Im currently burried under work and want to get my documentation going so sadly no time to write an article, but whoever would like to I can assist with Proof reading

@mttmccb would you like to?

Can do, is it a separate tip or maybe included in the above? Need to understand why you add them in aurelia.json, I think it’s so short paths can be used in the templates? Not sure if this is the same for webpack as I haven’t tried yet.

This is meant, so that the bundler knows where the find the dependencies, since the paths by themselves by default don’t exist. The tsconfig.json setting is purely meant for TypeScript so not related to the bundler. How this works for Webpack? No idea, typically you’d have a resolve section where you’d define the aliases, but maybe thats meanwhile already automatically done for TS specific builds.