Binding checkboxes with matcher


I’m trying to implement the checkbox example from:
but wanted to put checkbox inside a repeat. This seems to work only by adding an additional matcher.bin on the element that carries the repeat.for. Is that intended.
Sample can be found here:



@reinholdk Okay, so you’ve encountered a bug that was fixed a very long time ago and sadly, not documented. I have forked your sandbox and applied the useInnerMatcher fix inside of main.ts for you.

By disabling the inner matcher, you tell the repeater not to look to the template context inside of the repeater for your matcher.

The reason this is not false by default is for backwards compatibility reasons (I believe). In Aurelia 2 this issue won’t be present.


@dwaynecharrington thanks! Have found the corresponding issue here: matcher.bind does not work inside of repeat with checkboxes · Issue #388 · aurelia/templating-resources · GitHub

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