Bluebird promise rejection

Good Day

I’m getting this warning message from bluebird. It seems like it is originating from the aurelia framework. Is there a way to disable these warnings?

Warning: a promise was rejected with a non-error: [object Object]
    at _buildNavigationPlan (http://localhost:9001/scripts/vendor-bundle.js:17406:22)

I had a look at and added this to my main.ts, but the warning is still being displayed:

import Promise = require('bluebird');
	longStackTraces: false,
	warnings: false

Any help appreciated

Although in JavaScript Promise standard, there is no explicit requirement that you should reject a promise always using an Error object, bluebird (the Promise implementation that Aurelia uses) thinks this should be in the standard, that’s why they insist it.

To my understanding, bluebird did not provide any option to turn this warning off.

There are few “non-error” related issues on various aurelia repos, you were probably hitting his one.