Bugs / change requests of discourse.aurelia.io

The menu on the left side of https://discourse.aurelia.io/
links to http-scheme urls, like: http://aurelia.io/docs/api http://aurelia.io/blog etc.

Which wouldn’t be a problem necessarily, because most websites redirect http requests to their https equivalent…
But since aurelia.io hasn’t been configured to do so, I land on http://aurelia.io/ (instead of https://aurelia.io/), which is labeled as “not secure” by Google Chrome.
I think this could give visitors a bad (first) impression of Aurelia.

This can be fixed in two ways:

  1. Change all <a href="http://aurelia.io/ instances on the discourse menu into <a href="https://aurelia.io/
  2. Configure the aurelia.io website to redirect requests for http://aurelia.io/ and http://www.aurelia.io/ to https://aurelia.io/

But best would be to apply both fixes.

Thanks and keep pushing AU2!