Call for testing cli auto-tracing, it is going to be released in next 2 or 3 months

Hello fellow Aureliaers,

This is a second call for testing aurelia-cli auto-tracing, it’s going to be merged and released.

  1. if you are using cli+requirejs or cli+systemjs, you should test it now to avoid surprise.
    If it worked for you, please keep using it to build your production apps until the official release.
  2. if you are using webpack. The future release should not affect you.
    I would suggest you to have a look of this new cli feature, it provides what webpack provides with far less complexity.

In short, auto-tracing

  1. removed the burden to maintain aurelia.json dependencies.
  2. greatly improved compatibility of npm packages. If this is the reason you moved away from requirejs to webpack, it’s a good time to move back and leave your webpack conf behind.

Please follow the second post in the PR for testing.
Please report both failures and success, thx very much!

cc @EisenbergEffect @JeroenVinke