Can Aurelia handle dynamic runtime components?

Hi all. I have a question regarding as specific requirement we have as I look at a bunch of Web technologies for an upcoming project to interface with our native server application.

We need to be able to dynamically specify components when the front end connects to our server, so that we only get the functionality of what has been allowed by the server. We can’t have the front end having to know about all possible components up front because they can be added or deleted on the server and could be third party add-ons.

Can Aurelia handle this and how would it do it? Would it be as simple as having some sort of component id set send to the UI, and then the UI (After, say populating a tree control) create dynamic routes that then pull the component down from the server when selected?


There’s another dev who has similar requirement and i think that was solved by him. Basically you would want to use a loader (requirejs, systemjs, fusebox) ( not bundler like webpack). Then leverage compose (with string as view model module path) for dynamic component view model and router (with string as view model module path). So, its pretty dynamic to me, the only bit is to build your project properly so module can be discoverable. I havent done it, but it seems doable to me.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that. I’m a complete newb to Web tech so I have a lot to learn.