Child route doesn't work

Hi to all,

i’m doing a sub route but it doesn’t work.
App.ts has got the main route and ok.

Inside a page “AllData” i have some tabs that would work with the child route.
In this “AllData” page there is in the html “” and in the .ts the method
“configureRouter” with the child routes.

But I can’t enter in this page because in the .ts of this page there is the method “configureRouter”. The problem is don’t give an error… only it doesn’t show the page.

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Do you have if wrapping the <router-view/>? If so it may not work as intended, as <router-view/> hierarchy needs to be established early/eagerly. If my guess isn’t correct, please give more information (template code, comment on behavior/ view model code etc), it’s a bit hard to guess with what you gave.