Could Server Side Rendering improve Electron apps too?

Our Electron apps take a good few seconds to start up and this can be a significant time on slow machines. We make this feel less awkward by including some loading animation in the base HTML page so it’s not entirely blank.

Everybody is getting excited about SSR but I’ve not been that interested as I didn’t see the use in Electron which is the only place we’re currently using Aurelia. Now I’m thinking maybe we could use SSR in our build process so the initial HTML has most of the layout from the start. Maybe when closing the application, the current HTML could be saved and used on startup so Aurelia can pick up from where it left off, or at least appear to?

Obviously the the first priority is going to be SSR for web apps but do we think it could eventually be used like this in Electron?

Interesting idea. As for your “fake” option, you could do that right now by storing the markup and reassigning it, afterwards using Aurelia.enhance right?

How would that work with i18n? :grin:

I guessed that this was why slack initially loads like this:

Pinged you over at Gitter. Interested in understanding what kind of crazy cool app you’re building there :slight_smile: