Custom Binding Commands

Hi guys,

I want to know is there any way to implement custom binding events in aurelia? This is called event modifiers in Vue.js and angular.

I want to have a syntax like what does exists in Vue.js such as: keyup.enter or click.once.

Even it would be awesome if such capability to declare custom key modifier aliases be possible in aurelia too.

If such features do not exists in vCurrent, shall I open a feature request issue on vNext?

CC: @bigopon, @fkleuver, @EisenbergEffect


It’s difficult to do that in the current version of Aurelia. However, we already have a mechanism in vNext to plug in and add this along with a specific integration test that demonstrates exactly the scenario above. So, in vNext, yes.


Thanks for the prompt reply, I look forward for the vNext. :crossed_fingers:

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