Date Range Picker

Hello there!

I really want to know is there any date range picker module that I can use for the purpose of my AureliaJS project? The tricky part here is that I don’t want to be Bootstrap or Material (jQuery as well) dependant because I do not use them here. If not, I would really appreciate any hints and tips of how to make one by my own. I have an idea of using two simple date pickers with masks and to trigger the second calendar when the first is closed but I think that this might be mission impossible due to the date calendar’s non-manipulative behaviour.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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you can use
its very easy to integrate with aurelia. and its has a very nice range picker. (as well as other stuff)


Really, as with aurelia (or any modern JS framework) any JS lib/component that will work in vanilla JS will work just fine in aurelia … just like you use any other vanilla component like a for example. You can easily create a new custom component that uses whatever ui component as you would any vanilla HTML component.

I second this - flatpickr is awesome.