Default activationStrategy

Is it possible to globally change the default route activation strategy?

I would like to define activationStrategy.replace for all routes without having to write the following every time:

{ route: 'edit', name: 'edit', moduleId: PLATFORM.moduleName('./edit'), activationStrategy: activationStrategy.replace }

For AU1 would using a pipeline function do what you want?

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Thanks a lot, that’s exactly what I need!

class PreActivateStep
	run(navigationInstruction: NavigationInstruction, next: Next): Promise<any>
		const routeConfig = navigationInstruction.config;

		routeConfig.activationStrategy = routeConfig.activationStrategy || activationStrategy.replace;

		return next();

While this is great to save some extra typing keep in mind this aspect oriented approach might also come with a hidden-details-issue. Similar as with extension methods in C# if they hide business logic contrary to pure syntactical sugar it’s easy to forget once you need an exception.

The main issue I see here is that the definition of routes and the activationStep aren’t collocated. So a simple function which would mutate given objects with the default strategy might be an extra import and function call but be more explicit

You did well with respecting a predefined activation strategy if present though :+1:

Just my 2 cents