Devtool for @aurelia/state

Hey guys. I switched from store-v1 to @aurelia/state, but I observed that Redux DevTool does not work anymore. Is this normal (no support for @aurelia/state) or am I doing something wrong? Is there another devtool that works?

There is no devtool for @aurelia/state at present. There is a store plugin for v2 which should still be compatible. I will look into what work is required to get this working though, because it would be helpful.

Hey any updates on this? Because I can’t really use redux debugger plugin with the new state. It is a big drawback.

It’s done here feat(dev): support redux devtools for the state plugin by bigopon · Pull Request #1888 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub

Though it’ll require some testing as the integration work has been minimal & preliminary.

Thanks for this issue @sarp

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In the latest dev version, the plugin should be able to connect to the devtools, in case you wanna test it out early.

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Hey @bigopon, thank you for the update. I got the latest and it seems to emit @@INIT and show the initial state on the devtool now, although the subsequent action dispatches and mutations and not detected. Can you confirm this issue? I might be able to create a PR when I have the time, if it is confirmed.