Error while rendering a component

Hi, I am just starting out with aureila framework and I would appreciate a little help. I am trying to render a component to a page however the following error message keeps coming up (Although my component is already between template tags)
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Template markup must be wrapped in a element e.g.
at Object.createTemplateFromMarkup (aurelia-pal-browser.js:480:1)
at TextTemplateLoader. (aurelia-loader-webpack.js:94:1)
at step (aurelia-loader-webpack.js:68:1)
at (aurelia-loader-webpack.js:49:1)
at fulfilled (aurelia-loader-webpack.js:39:1)
I added image of my code and the problem at hand. I thank you in advanced for the help I get

Hi! Try this!

    <require from="./views/people.html"></require>


Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, the solution you offered did not work. The problem still remains. Do you have any other suggestions?

My bad, did not see the ts file for people. Then you should require without the .html ext.

It would be great if you could provide a stackblitz link where you reproduce the problem. Then it is easier to read error messages and so on.

    <require from="./views/people"></require>


Thank you for your help