Esbuild-loader / webpack / Aurelia

In one the newsletters I read an interesting post was added about ESBuild, and the enormous improvement of buildspeed compared to several other packers/minifiers including Webpack.
Although webpack supports many features, we experience build times of over 1 minute in our project. But unfortunately a small test with the esbuild-loader in webpack showed many errors for now

Q: are there developers out there that have investigate webpack / tsloader alternatives like esbuild and e.g. Snowpack? Or are there other working (quick)fixes for Aurelia 1?


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Another thing you can try is which is quite popular (deno uses it too), it’s written in rust. It got a webpack loader too.


Thanks, will look into that one as well. But nobody out there that actually has changed the loader in the Aurelia build with Webpack, or perhaps has removed Webpack totally?

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There is also dumber bundler I wrote to replace our CLI built-in bundler. I am using it on all my production apps with Aurelia 1.

It’s not selling speed but smallness and flexibility, although the speed is decent. It reduced bundling to a tiny step in gulp pipeline .pipe(dr()), leave all other things to the gulp ecosystem.

There is no official skeleton for Aurelia 1, but you can do npx makes dumberjs and choose Aurelia.
There is official skeleton for Aurelia 2, just do npx makes aurelia and choose custom -> dumber.

I am maintaining both of the above skeletons.