Export to excel report in Aurelia

i want to export some data to an excel file in aurelia how do i do it?

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How do you have the data stored in your application?

It looks like there’s some good information on StackOverflow.

If you can provide more information about what you’re doing, I can help you adapt the answers to your use case.



It’s more accurate to ask “how to export to an excel file with javascript?” since that functionality would be more framework agnostic. Just like @Kremnari mentioned, it really depends on where you want the data to come from; whether it’s from scrapping the DOM or from an API endpoint (which means you can make the backend server serve up an excel file). If you need to do it on the client (whether it’s scraping the DOM or just building from a JS object) you can just use vanilla JS or some JS library that does it for you.

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You can use Exceljs and file-saver to export.

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