Getting Started - WrapBootstrap Template Question

I’m just getting started with Aurelia. Actually, I haven’t even decided whether I want to use Aurelia or Angular 5.

I purchased a WrapBootstrap template I really like (SmartAdmin). It comes with like half-a-dozen different seed projects. Among them are a jQuery/Ajax version (implemented as a SPA), a pure HTML version and versions for some of the other frameworks (Angular, React, etc.) Unfortunately there is not an Aurelia version.

I may be way ahead of myself but my question is, if I want to start shoehorning Aurelia into this template, which version of the template would be best to start with? Pure HTML? The jQuery version?


You don’t shoehorn Aurelia… It’ll bend however you like.
if there is vue variant - it’ll be the closest to Aurelia.
react - won’t fit
jquery probably too much the other way

I think jQuery version probably contains the least amount of code, maybe a good thing to disable / enable stuff to wire thing together quickly.

I was mostly thinking that jquery variant is furthest from component way.
So it’d be harder to transform it to component-based app

I recommend Aurelia-bootstrap. It removes the dependency on jquery and the need for the JavaScript that comes with Bootstrap. It also makes using the various Bootstrap components more Aurelia-friendly. It is missing a few Bootstrap components, but not many.

I’d start with pure HTML and put the necessary JS code, even if it invokes jQuery or whatsoever, into the attached() handler of my components. Of course there will be a decent amount of manual massaging required, but it basically works.