Guide for Building TS Packages for Aurelia


@justindra , @vegarringdal

This repository is a great way to create aurelia plugins, and @justindra I guess what I have done here using @vegarringdal 's repository may resolve most of your issues and problems


Looks like a great TypeScript skeleton has already been posted in here. But, also worth noting that I myself have created a TypeScript skeleton here: - it doesn’t use Webpack, Fusebox or anything - the different formats are generated using TypeScript’s compiler. It really isn’t much to look at, but it’s another choice for those wanting to build plugins for Aurelia using TypeScript. I am however using Gulp to copy over static assets like HTML, CSS, JSON and so on which need to be in the dist folder for distribution.



Great, good for people to have options :slight_smile:
Main reason why I created the skeleton in the beginning was to get something for my aurelia-v-grid project, and I didnt find anything with a sample folder the way I wanted it. Its been changed a few times after I got fusebox working, got a lot more fun/faster to use now :slight_smile:

Also took some old repos I had and made this one today:

2 projects in 1, backend with node to serve pages using koajs++ and frontent that uses the backend.
Backend is also typescript, alaso added launch settings for vscode so you can debug the code by setting breakpoint in typescript source.

Nice to have if you want to play around with restapi etc



Well done!!! :+1: It’s great for developers to have multiple options to choose from, base on their needs. :slight_smile: That would help the community to grow as fast as possible.


Coming late to this party (if you know any latin, the proverb ’sero venientibus ossa’ applies here). So for people that like to chew on bones :smile: - here is the reference to my Gitbook book aurelia-typescript-adventures a crude draft written as a preparation to other more ambitious projects I am brewing.

And and all comments / feedback - greatly appreciated. Hints towards the areas that should be in that document, but are not, will be handled the same.