Aurelia library template

Hi all,

My team has been developing a few projects with Aurelia for some time and, so far, the basic procedure to reuse components has been basic cut-and-paste. The idea now is avoid this by creating a set of npm modules.

Can anyone point to a basic project template that:

  1. Can contain one or more components that can be used via “npm install” or “au install” by other projects

  2. Promote a consistent and experience for library users (eg: standard naming conventions, code structure, plugin setup, documentation templates, etc)

  3. Optionally, expose enough metadata so build tools (au-cli, in particular) can automate bundling of additional resources (css/images/…) without any kind of aurelia_project fiddling.



Opinionated plugin skeleton (typescript)

I cannot overstress the great TS based Plugin skeleton by @dwaynecharrington
Im building the new Aurelia Store plugin with it and all three points from your list are perfectly covered. Take a look at the Store Plugins package.json for automatic Setup with Aurelia cli.


Thanks a lot for the responses ! I´ll try your suggestions and see which one is the best fit for my use case.